InDelight gift cards can be used at all of InDelight's partner stores worldwide.


Where can I get the gift card?
Please download the InDelight App append to immediately receive a InDelight gift card. The value will vary based on different promotion events.

Is there an expiration date?
There is no expiration date on InDelight gift cards.

Can I add money to my card?
InDelight gift cards are not rechargeable.

How can I earn more gift credits?
There are four ways to earn the rewards added to your gift card. The upper limit for rewards is $100. InDelight reserves the right to change its policies at any given time.

• Dress up: + $1.00 each
For each paid dress-up, you will be automatically rewarded $1.00 which can be found on your InDelight Gift Card. No action required.

• Share your feedback : +$5 (one time only)
Fill out our survey and get $5 in gift card credit.

• Invite Friends
Share InDelight’s download link and earn $5 for each new sign-up you refer.

• Get invited: +$5 (one time only)
If you were invited by a friend, you will automatically receive $5 in gift card credit.

Can I use more than one gift card for one purchase?
You can use only one gift card for one purchase.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the InDelight gift card.